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04-Jan-2015 08:00

Everyone but one denied they ever engaged in such an act.

The one who did said that the woman (European) initiated it.

Whilst on holiday I had a 'fling' with a younger Egyptian male who worked at my hotel.

We'd chatted a lot previously and I grew to like him and it was fun and we laughed a lot. When home I googled and was disappointed to see how high Egypt is in the FGM rates.

But would he have been terribly shocked if I had taken a greater initiative?

I know the answer to this is down to individual psychology but I was wondering what you knowledgeable and experienced people thought?

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Regards Songlian I believe most Egyptian men and that means either the vast majority or all Egyptian men know that "women have clitorises". He immediately denied that he ever did such a thing.That happened in Dahab which is a quite resort town and they were all uneducated or had very little education.