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Studies in Chinese and Sino-Tibetan Linguistics: Dialect, Phonology, Transcription and Text 漢語與漢藏語研究:方言、音韻與文獻. In Hànyǔ fāngyán shítǐ wènti xīn tànsuǒ 汉语方言时体新探索 [New Explorations of Issues Regarding Aspect in Chinese Dialects]. Běijīng: China Minzu University Press (Zhōngyāng mínzú dàxué chūbǎnshè 中央民族大学出版社), 2014, pp. Review of Difficult Characters: Interdisciplinary Studies of Chinese and Japanese Writing, ed. This will be a monograph length syllabary and analysis of the phonological system developed by Jerry Norman, that provides an outline of an earlier historical stage of the Chinese dialects and detailed presentation of their overlapping influences and relationships.

We strive to provide the most exquisite arrangements and service for individuals and events by transforming thoughts and feelings into floral art, using color, texture, form and style to communicate.

Hànyǔ fāngyán gòngtóng yīnxì yánjiū 汉语方言共同音系研究 [Research in the Common Phonology of the Chinese Dialects]. Chinese Dialect Geography: Distinguishing Mandarin and Wu in Their Boundary Region 江淮官话与吴语边界的方言地理学研究. Richard Van Ness Simmons史皓元, Gu Qian 顾黔, and Shi Rujie 石汝杰. (On the copyright page of the first printing of this volume, Simmons' Chinese name is erroneously entered as "史皓圆".) Second printing Spring 2007. Chinese Dialect Classification -- A Comparative Approach to Harngjou, Old Jintarn, and Common Northern Wu. Co-edited by Richard Van Ness Simmons and Newell Ann Van Auken. Taipei: Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica 中央研究院語言學研究所, 2014."Lüètán Wúyǔ hé Guānhuà de biānjiè fāngyán zài dìlǐ-shang de xíngchéng hé yǎnbiàn" 略谈吴语和官话的边界方言在地理上的形成和演变 [A brief discussion of the geographical formation and development of dialects on the boundary between Wú and Mandarin]. Hànyǔ fāngyán de dìlǐ yǔyánxué yánjiū 汉语方言的地理语言学研究 [Studies in the Linguistic Geography of Chinese Dialects]. 383-98."Perspectives on the history of Guānhuà -- Thoughts upon reading W. Collection des Cahiers de linguistique - Asie Oriental, 11. by Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica. With Zhang Huiying of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Linguistics, Beijing.

Richard Van Ness Simmons史皓元, Shi Rujie 石汝杰 and Gu Qian 顾黔. 201-210."A Comparative Look at Common Southern Jiāng-Huái and the Southern Mandarin Influences in Hé Xuān’s Yùnshǐ." In Studies in Chinese and Sino-Tibetan Linguistics: Dialect, Phonology, Transcription and Text 漢語與漢藏語研究:方言、音韻與文獻. Hong Kong: New Asia College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1995, pp. Jin Ping Mei cihui suoyin [An Annotated Glossary to Jin Ping Mei].