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28-Jan-2015 00:06

I am scratching my head on this one but, hey, you do you bud. Not sure why you went to your off shore cleat, but fuck it. Boatswain Mates from the Navy/Coast Guard can give you some good intel into history and cosmetics though they always come back with that annoying and overrated safety priority. Fisherman apply more nautical technique and style than anyone, and when it comes to knot and lines they are above par.

If you use more lines to secure your vessel than needed you are wasting time, though it’s your boat so do what you want. The point is to demonstrate the physics of the mooring process, not to undermine the beauty of choice and style on the water.Springs, rubber, chain and various types of line used in combination seems a little dumb. Tug guys are the best for chatting about knots and lines and practical usage of these elements, though they often (I hate generalizing by the way, if you haven’t noticed) cross over their heavy-line tug styles to every other boat setting.