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Thankfully, there are countless fun and educational activities for families in Houston that are available not only during the summer months but throughout the entire year.South Korea coast guard agents used machine guns to chase Chinese ships illegally fishing in Korean waters back towards China this week, prompting a stern statement from Beijing’s Foreign Ministry expressing extreme disappointment in Korea’s refusal to permit this illegal behavior.Iran now commands a force of around 25,000 Shi’ite Muslim militants in Syria, mostly made up of recruits from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the former head of Israel’s domestic intelligence agency has told a visiting Swiss delegation.Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Germany had become a haven for terrorists and would be “judged by history”, accusing it of failing to extradite supporters of a U.Among the latest revelations that Bret Baier of Fox News delivered on the multiple FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton was the remarkable statement that the Bureau is highly confident that multiple foreign intelligence agencies penetrated her illicit email server.

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Trump TEL AVIV – Christians all over the world have been called upon by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem to mail bibles to UNESCO leadership in Paris in response to the recent UNESCO resolutions erasing Jewish and Christian ties to the Temple Mount.

John Podesta, now chairman to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, told Clinton in 2014 not to discuss intelligence on Middle Eastern conflicts over her private email, according to the latest Wikileaks release of his purported emails accounts.