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Euphoria - AOKP, Passion - CM9, Ectasy - MIUI EXperia 1.0 4.0.4, !

1400 - .[ROM][18-FEB][4.0.3] ICS Euphoria RC1 - Here comes the ultimate ICS next to Passion[ROM][03-MAR][4.0.3] ICS Passion v13.1 - RC1.1 - No Big Update Yet, - )))[18-FEB][4.0.3] ICS Euphoria RC1[03-MAR][4.0.3] ICS Passion v13.1 .

Sometime wrong SMS selected for forwarding Format internal instead of external SD when requested to format ext. Wi Fi automatically turns on after quitting airplane mode if Wi Fi was used during airplane mode.

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Sketchy wifi tether (breaks if data connection comes up while tether is active) (it will still error, but you can now re-enable it)Mounting external SD via USB broke in BUILD 7Cannot accept many file types via bluetooth Data activity icon sometimes gets stuck even data is off.

New feature: T9 Dialing by devatwork (Enable in Dialer Setting)BUILD 7Cannot encrypt phone after restoring data.