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03-Jul-2016 12:00

Some MPs have now said a new general election could be needed to end the impasse - but polls could have to be called as soon as February for Mrs May to meet her deadline of starting the Brexit talks by the end of March. Gina Miller, 51, (right) lives in London with her financier husband Alan, nicknamed 'Mr Hedge Fund' (together left) because he made £30 million after starting one of the City's first funds in 1997.Deutsche Bank tonight claimed an early election next year was now their 'base case' as they planned ahead. The couple now run an investment firm with a reported £100million in its portfolios.Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon (left) welcomed the outcome as 'significant', and Cabinet minister Ken Clarke said giving parliament the power would help stop ministers 'squabbling'.The PM (pictured bottom right) had wanted to invoke Article 50 - which begins the formal two-year Brexit process - alone under executive powers.The High Court just decided the EU Referendum on June 23, 2016, didn't really count. To make us feel like we had a say, writes KATIE HOPKINS (left). Nicknamed 'Mrs Wham Glam' by friends, she has now been branded 'woman of the century' by Remainers who cheered her on the steps of the High Court today.The mother-of-three, who was born in Guyana but grew up in Britain, became a successful City investment manager and also set up the No.1 Ladies' Investment Club for women in business.

A furious Nigel Farage (main image) today warned there would be public outrage if parliament used powers confirmed by the High Court to block the referendum result.

Describing herself as a 'natural fighter, she has rattled cages in the City and accused the charity sector of widespread inefficiencies.

It sparked furious accusations that 'activist' judges are mounting a 'power grab' by siding with pro-EU campaigners against the will of the public.

But the businesswoman and former model who spearheaded the legal challenge, Gina Miller (pictured centre laughing) goaded Brexiteers by saying they should 'celebrate' the ruling.

The interim Ukip leader led anger at the decision of senior judges to slap down Government claims that Theresa May (inset) had the right to invoke Article 50 and start the Brexit negotiations using her executive powers - without asking Parliament first. Owen Smith is back banging on about a second referendum.But the High Court accepted claims by Remain backers there was nothing in law to support this position, throwing Brexit into chaos as MPs will now have set the timetable, subject to an appeal in the Supreme Court. Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas (top centre), Lord Sales (top right) and Sir Thomas Etherton (top left) have thwarted the will of the people after ruling in favour of activist Gina Miller (bottom). And if it does go back to Parliament for a vote Brexit is as dead as a doornail.