Driver ipw2200 needs updating

27-Sep-2016 04:04

This package adds mac80211, mac80211 drivers, and any new Full MAC driver which has had fairly recent updates.

For full details see the Aircrack-ng Compat-Wireless documentation.

The following are detailed instructions for installing/patching the ieee80211 versions of the drivers: The mac80211 link above also contains information regarding which mac80211 drivers work with the aircrack-ng suite.

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Basically, mac80211 has largely replaced ieee80211. Keeping in mind that mac80211 is only well supported starting in about 2.6.25 and up kernels.This troubleshooting information applies to linux only.On the other hand, the mac80211 versions of the drivers generally only need the mac80211 core itself patched to support the fragmentation attack.Other attacks using mac80211 drivers typically work without patching. So you must consciously decide which one you wish to use and blacklist the other one if you have both on your system.

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Remember you cannot use both ieee80211 and mac80211 versions of the same driver at the same time. You will need the following to compile drivers: Note: if you're using drivers provided by your distribution, they are NOT patched.

General information about patching drivers plus troubleshooting tips can be found in the How To Patch Drivers Tutorial.

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