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The song was a number one hit Australia, Canada, Ireland, The UK and The US, just to name a few.

Down Under's global success would eventually generate a massive fortune for the band through record sales, commercial endorsements, music/film/TV royalties and more."Down Under" was such a huge deal that by the mid 80s, it had literally become the unofficial national anthem for Australia.

If you follow Celebrity Net Worth on Facebook, you may have noticed that over the last several weeks some of our updates have been posted at strange times from a bunch of different countries all over the world.

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In addition to increasing Vegemite's worldwide brand awareness by about a billion percent, "Down Under", was a huge factor in that album eventually selling 20 million copies worldwide.

It also helped the band win the Best New Artist Grammy.

I've actually had their greatest hits album on shuffle pretty much exclusively for the last five days.

In case you're unfamiliar, "Down Under" was a multi-platinum song released off Men At Work's 1981 debut album "Business as Usual".

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Pay special attention to the flute hook that plays between 10 and 14 seconds: That flute hook, which can be heard roughly 9 times throughout the song, is central to this article and the 2010 copyright lawsuit.Here's what happened: Back in 2008, an Australian quiz show called "Spicks and Specks" played a snippet of the flute audio and asked contestants "What children's song is contained in the song Down Under? Whoever came up with that question for "Spicks and Specks" had unintentionally just sparked the fuse which would go on to set off a bitter, multi-million dollar lawsuit that jeopardized millions upon millions of dollars and took nearly three years to resolve.

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