Document dating in forensic science

16-Oct-2015 04:35

Chamberlin admits that, on her own time and with discarded chemicals, she tested her husband's underwear at the state police crime lab for DNA. In doing so, she misappropriated state facilities, breached protocol by not destroying the materials used, and falsified laboratory logs by omission of her actions - all of which compromised lab integrity.However, a Luminol test failed to react positively to anything in the vehicle.Accused of failing to compare DNA evidence with control samples as required by testing protocols in at least 103 cases over the past 5 years, a required step to ensure the accuracy of tests, casting doubt on her findings. Bolduc was fired from Kern and Sonoma counties in California - one under allegations he botched an autopsy and the other that he lied on his rsum.

Of note, Anderson testified for the prosecution in the trial of Peter Kupaza.She was the only expert whose testimony connected Mr. She testified that her dog, Eagle, made a positive hit on the defendant's vehicle for biological material.