Do the dating sites really work

04-Jun-2016 08:17

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I have been on several dating sites in the last 18 months.It works for some people...manage to find their match..hasnt for me. It's become more entertainment/a diversion for me rather than something I take seriously these days. I can only guess they are players, and are looking to rack up numbers, not something serious that will get them off the site.There is the chance they are just really picky, there are all kinds of scenarios.Then they might realize someone like me is a great option. I think women tend to do this last one more than men.There are some dangers because the longer you stay single, the easier it is to stay single--you kind of build up a partner-less life for yourself.But as far as finding the right guy, I still am convinced it's going to be someone who does not use online dating. So I have pulled back on my expectations and don't rely on it as much as I used to for anything "real".Alot of guys aswell arent looking for their true love and are happy just dating (playing the field) and where better then a dating site which is full ofsingle, lonely women??

When I close my account with these dating sites in the past, then reopen them six months later finding out the same nice looking ladies are still there. I find it absolutely hilarious in that situation, to see women on dating sites for months and months at a time after having ignored my polite and friendly attempt to make contact and get to know them.Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside to see them still having not gotten what they wanted after passing me up because if they hadn't passed me up they wouldn't need to be on the site anymore. Women like that are looking for something that doesn't exist.