Do more men or women do online dating

20-Mar-2016 10:47

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My husband and I have been together for over 20 years. We met in high school and watched each other graduate high school, college, and graduate school, find (and change) careers, and become parents.We watched each other become adults and now we are watching each other age. I meet my friend Geraldine at a hip, local eatery in the heart of Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of repentance, had barely been over for 14 hours and I was already fighting with my husband. Over our poached kale and egg salads with a side of chickpeas I notice my firecracker friend is uncharacteristically glum.

One fascinating aspect of my work as a couples/ family therapist is that it gives me an intimate view into the current cultural dynamics of couples.For the last twenty or so years, over half the couples I see contain the "nice guy" with his frustrated wife.'Do you think God is punishing me for having sex with a man 20 years younger than me?' This was the question I asked a close friend when I was about to file for bankruptcy back in 2011.

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What do you do when it's a common theme in your life that, when you're around people, most of them don't wanna act right, but when you separate yourself from them, they always come back to you and start begging you to be around them again? When I'm in someone's presence, they see that I'm one of the coolest people they ever met, but they still don't say or do the right things while around me, so I cut them off. Then they relentlessly start texting me or calling me, begging me to come back.