Dns not updating active directory

15-Dec-2015 01:20

dns not updating active directory-15

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We can do this by using the DHCP service on a non-AD joined Windows Server configured with DHCP credentials, DHCP Option 015, and configured to force all leases to register into the zone whether the device has the ability to register on its own or not.

The credentials allows DHCP to own the record, so in case the device leaves and returns at a later date and gets a new IP, the DHCP service can update the old host record in DNS with the new IP.

And to stress what I just said, it does , an Administrator account.

If you weren’t aware of this basic requirement, you can catch up on how Dynamic DNS registration works by reading my other blog: AD & Dynamic DNS Updates Registration Rules of engagement However, workgroup computers normally do not have a Primary DNS Suffix, unless you’ve already manually configured all of them.

Neither do other devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and other non-Microsoft products. We can make this work without a Primary DNS Suffix.

One way is to force the Primary DNS Suffix on your Windows workgroup computers by using a registry script (outlined later below).

Without credentials, the device will update, but it may not be able to update its old record, which then you may wind up with duplicate host entries in the zone. The first thing we need is a Windows Server with the DHCP and DNS services installed and running.To provide a 30,000’ view of what’s involved, we start by creating a regular, non-Administrator, local user account on the server that will be used to configure the DHCP scope to use as credentials for registration.