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Enjoy secure and private texting with the free Dark Room app.It’s like having a real conversation in a safe and secure room.While end-to-end encryption is a known standard, it's a hard practice for the layperson to adopt into their everyday work.

Since it is live-texting, no conversation data is ever archived on servers or even devices.

Have all your trustworthy and crucial conversations in the Dark Room. - CONVERSATIONS WITHOUT THE CLOUDData is never archived on servers or devices.

The Edward Snowden revelations made it clearer than ever that your online messages are not safe from snooping.

With that in mind, technologists are now building better ways for people to shield their communications from prying eyes.

The technology driving most of these programs is called "end-to-end encryption," which means that a message is ciphered before it's sent and then deciphered after its received.

This way, anyone looking to snoop on intermediary servers won't be tablet to understand what the message says.