Disabled men and dating

22-Sep-2015 19:32

disabled men and dating-61

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Whereas I would like to help, I don't want to be condesending or patronizing about it.

This also may sound weird, but many with birth or sever physical disabilities are actually very intimidating to me.

On the other hand if I did have a great relationship with someone that i cared for deeply and something happened to make him disabled I'd stand by his side. It was an issue for me in the beginning, because it was not something I had ever given any thought to. I have known a person who married a Quadriplegic, and they had a very good relationship. Most handicapped people, in my experience, have more personality than non-handicapped people. I was born with a neural tube birth defect called Spina Bifida...When I saw how mobile he was and how independant he had become, it gave me great admiration for him. So yeah, if somebody with a disability wanted to go out with me, I'd say bring it on! I also had hydrocephalus which is excess cerebar spinal fluid on the brain. The CSF acts as a cushion for the brain against the skull. Basically the spinal cord is in two parts...a top half and a bottom half..the message from the brain to walk for example can't get down to the legs so you end up paralyzed in the legs and have no feeling or use of them.

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