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Joss, who was still a rookie officer at the time, went to Paul to talk.

They briefly argued, and Joss told Paul that she wouldn't let him see their son, Taylor, unless he sought counseling.

Unknown to Carter, Reese was mere feet away from her.

She was a single mother of one son, Taylor, to whom she was very close.

Carter served in the United States Army as a Warrant Officer, first at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (from February 2, 2002 until February 2, 2003), and was then relocated to Iraq, where she served at Camp Liberty in Baghdad from January 20, 2003 until March 20, 2004, serving as an Army Human Intelligence Collector and top interrogator. Carter's ex-husband Paul returned to New York City after 2 years of disappearance following his post-traumatic stress disorder that he refused to get treatment for, causing Joss to leave him.

Later that year, Paul entered Joss' house unannounced to see Taylor.

The two argued again, and Paul smashed a lamp in anger, causing Joss to reach for her sidearm. Later Terney called her and told that Patterson has left the country and that they have a new case.

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Patterson told that he was in his cabin having problems with his drug addiction. The second arrest of Anton, along with his father in a shooting during a weapons deal, made Carter realize that they were defeated, yet again, by the same man.

Later on, while arresting a corrupt police officer, he claimed to Carter that he and his accomplices were captured by a man in a suit.

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