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JJ: All you have to do is keep their cards in your glove compartment and whip it out! Real cops play our background extras which is pretty cool. Our technical advisor Chick Daniel is an ex-LAPD and ex-SWAT. His wife is an ex-LAPD, so there’s a lot of cops around so certainly they can help me out should I get into a situation. ” (JJ Note: I didn’t laugh, so Ben told me I have no sense of humor! ” JJ: Does your character have any love connections yet? I’m not a huge gun guy, but carrying around a real Glock, even though it’s obviously unloaded, it’s pretty cool!

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Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ben Mc Kenzie, who was one of best interviewees ever — easygoing, funny and candid. And make fun of this rich kid who’s trying to be a cop. JJ: Have you personally gotten in trouble with the law? The 30-year-old actor talked about being single (yes, ladies, I said single), keeping in touch with his costars from , which premieres tonight on NBC! There’s plenty of opportunities for them on a certain level to allude to my experiences on , they’re not really, but kind of a reference within a reference. BM: I’ve been pretty lucky, I haven’t been caught doing anything. And I’m hoping this experience playing a cop on television will buy more latitude should I ever need the help of law enforcement. I play a rookie patrol officer named Ben Sherman who is about a month out of the academy. No stories yet, but I’ll get some of the cast by the end of the run! BM: I think I am the youngest member, not by a lot, [but I am]. I’m the young guy which is an interesting experience. I’ve literally shot maybe one scene at our studio because I’m patrol, I’m out on the streets. JJ: How many episodes have you shot for the series so far? No, speeding tickets here and there and a fair share of parking tickets in L. I certainly know enough cops socially after having done ride-alongs.

() JJ: Congratulations on your new series coming out. He’s a little wet behind the ears and has a little growing to do.

He has the makings of a good cop on paper but is a little inexperienced when it comes to the streets. JJ: How is the dynamics on the set different from ? I sort of experienced it on was shot in a studio the vast majority of the time.– maybe 3/4 of the time.