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16-Apr-2015 11:39

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Being in your masculine – or boy – energy works wonders in your career. A man will never fall in love with you if you are not sharing your feminine self with him. It means it’s time to let the womanly, feminine, feeling, sensuous being that you are come out and play!

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So I’d frantically try to keep this from happening by checking up on him, doing things for him, trying to change myself for him – anything to keep me from going away. And that’s when I started to learn what really makes a man shower you with love…

When you are being your natural, alluring, feminine self, he feels inspired to shower you with love and devotion.

But this is not what we let ourselves be – especially not if we’re used to being independent, go-getters in the rest of our lives.

Anything that puts you in touch with your sensual self works – dance classes, massages, spending time in nature, even taking a long bath.

A man wants to please you not just because it makes you happy, but because he feels like he can CONTRIBUTE to your life in a positive way. Men are drawn to us because of our feminine, feeling nature.

Men need this, and if you’re the one who is always doing, then guess what? Men THRIVE on this – it’s how we complement his doing, masculine nature.