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26-Apr-2015 06:56

Considering that online dating more than tripled in the last eight years, starting an online dating site isn’t such a bad idea.

Just look at, whose revenues have doubled from 90 million to 180 million USD since fourth quarter of 2009.

Could a time come where singles will opt into its interest-based partner recommendations?

Though scary for some, we found that most people are actually less resistant to interest-based advertising than what you might think.

One challenge that other dating sites have faced is people’s reluctance to share personal data.

In our Truth about Privacy study, we found that internet dating sites were among the least trusted when it comes to handling your personal data and using it wisely.

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So why hasn’t Google started an online dating site?As a search engine giant with a wealth of information about each and every one of us, Google is favorably positioned to become the next largest online dating service.Only about 15% globally said that they trusted internet dating sites, compared to 65% who said that they trusted banks to handle their personal data.Without a large enough database of people and information, it is difficult for sites to optimize matches.

Google takes part in almost every aspect of your life, from managing finances to finding the closest Japanese restaurant in town.It turns out that Google Romance was just an April Fool’s joke in 2006; fake error pages were returned when users clicked on the link.