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The two extensions have different icons to help tell them apart in the event that you have both of them installed.The regular kimono chrome extension will no longer function after the shut down date and will be removed from the chrome store. The API used for programatically managing your APIs and interacting with the kimono service will not be supported by the Desktop App.There will be a 30 day window (until March 31th, 2016) for you to import your APIs into the desktop application to continue extracting data using your Desktop PC.Because API endpoints will not be accessible after the shut down date, the Google Sheets integration will no longer be supported.The Mac OS X version supports automatic updates: when new versions are available, they will be downloaded automatically and you will be prompted to quit and install.

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The only way to manage your APIs and start crawls is through the Kimono Desktop user interface.Although we do not plan on continuing active development of Kimono, we do have a mechanism for deploying critical patches.You can use the desktop application to save an API's data to file in a CSV format which can be opened by Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software.The Desktop App was developed specifically for Desktop PC use and must be controlled by the Kimono Desktop UI.

The publicly accessible cloud hosted service at will shut down on February 29th, 2016.From this point forward, you will no longer be able to log into the kimono website.