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01-Dec-2014 22:26

Annotations written in the margins of the Bible, which is one of only seven copies to survive, suggest that parishioners continued to speak Latin in church even after Henry banned it as part of his campaign against Roma We came from different planets, Jack and I.

My father was a diplomat, his, a jobbing bricklayer.

Ancient routes are being revived and new routes marked out to link holy sites with historic cathedrals.

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Like a mother or father who beat their son or daughter to prevent them from wrongdoing and not out of hatred or animosity." The interviewer asked the cleric if the wife can discipline the husband when he strays. Islamic answer: Algerian woman author Fadhila Al-Farouk interposes: "I live in a common neighborhood and hear the cries of women who were beaten almost every night. I know what it means for a women to be beaten merely because a man stared at her. We are talking abut violent beating." On another earlier debate, one participant suggested a more humane way to beat the supposedly errant spouse: with a toothpick.… continue reading »

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As a result, female migrants find themselves in a dilemma; as Lister (2003, 176) expresses it, they need to balance their obligations as “citizen-the wage-earner” against those of “citizen-the carer.” In this contribution, we draw on the findings of our research project “Landscapes of Care Drain: Care Provision and Care Chains from Ukraine to Poland and from Poland to Germany,” which focuses on these women's management of the care gap—Polish migrant women working in Germany, and Ukrainian care migrants working in Poland.… continue reading »

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