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04-Dec-2014 10:15

It even offers vivacious stickers to express things you might or might not be able to ‘describe in words’.One needs to obviously create a profile on the app first.Truly Madly truly ensures that you have fun while chatting to people you have liked.I am saying this because the app offers a number of games like ‘Foodie Funda’, ‘Hocus Pocus’, ‘Styletastic’ etc.Needless to say, they are different from social networking platforms because of the fact that they have been specifically designed for dating people.

However, looking at the popularity of these online dating websites in India, I decided to experience the ‘never before experienced’ arena myself.

So I plunged into the world of dating apps, swiping men I liked right and those I didn’t like to the left — most apps have the same operating mechanism.

Additionally, it also asks you to choose your hobbies (at least three) from a series of hashtags such as #Travel Buff, #Artsy, #Foodie or you can add your own.

The verification process may sound tedious, but there’s more to it. Truly Madly assigns percentage to different mediums you log in with.

You can either log in with your Facebook profile or an e-mail id.You are required to fill in a few mandatory fields such as your date of birth, height, state, city, occupation and highest educational qualification.

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