Definition of validating feelings

05-Sep-2015 21:21

Rather, you communicate to them that you understand what they are feeling, without trying to talk them out of the feeling or shame them for the feeling.

When you validate an emotional response, the first step is to acknowledge the emotion that the other person is having.

Individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can have very strong emotional responses to events that seem minor to outside observers.

As a result, people with BPD frequently experience emotional invalidation, that is, others react to their emotions as if those emotions are not valid or reasonable.

Emotional validation is the process of learning about, understanding, and expressing acceptance of another person’s emotional experience.

Emotional validation is distinguished from emotional invalidation, in which another person’s emotional experiences are rejected, ignored, or judged.

One key to learning to validate others’ emotions is to realize that validating an emotion does not mean that you agree with the other person, or that you think their emotional response is warranted.”You loved one may or may not be able to communicate this clearly.

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