Definition intimidating women

22-Jul-2016 22:22

She was the only woman he ever painted after that (and he painted many female figures), even after her death at age 22 in 1476.

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The prevailing view is that if a guy is very attracted to a woman, he will do everything in his power to get her. No matter how beautiful or unattainable she may seem, he will risk his pride to take a shot.

They will not risk getting dumped later by a woman who they believe is hotter than they are.

I call this the You Scare the Shit Out of Me School (YSTSOOM). Sandro Botticelli fell in love with Simonetta Vespucci, “la bella Simonetta,” the moment he laid eyes on her upon her arrival in Florence.

Everywhere I turned I seemed to find myself observing something that I could hardly wait to share with you.

Today’s post is inspired by a story about Sandro Boticelli, a true superstar of the Renaissance.This self-portrait of Boticelli (below) has such a haughty and arrogant expression I could swear he’s president of Kappa Sig.