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rgyi, Hungarian physiologist and 1937 Nobel Prize winner Out of World War II came the nightmare of new exotic technologies, nuclear and Tesla science misapplied, secretly weaponized to benefit the financier elite rather than for the benefit of humanity. Thus the two great armies work in concert, promising fear and hatred to prevent peace from breaking out. What we really need is a defense department against Defense Departments.The First Amendment Guarantees Freedom of the Press in America because the free exchange of ideas was under attack in the 1700's, and the Founding Fathers knew that all illegitimate and tyrannical governments suppresses Free Speech as a mechanism of population control. According to Leuren Moret, the location of the downed Malaysia Flight 370 as first confirmed by an admiral of the Vietnamese armed forces was correct, while the U. and Malaysian media have published a continual stream of disinformation as a diversion to cover-up this military false flag operation by the U. (2) This secret project at Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab was called the "Woodpecker Project" when the Soviets turned it on July 4, 1976, (the 200th Anniversary of the U. As the 20th century advanced, the financier elite became heavily involved in getting rich off world war and the manufacture of the new weapons of mass destruction that modern technology made possible.💀 (-ed) 💀VANCOUVER, BC – In an exclusive Ecology interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, radiation and directed energy expert Leuren Moret, MA, Ph D ABT, revealed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 of March 8, 2014 was, by the evidence, shot down by a newly unveiled U. S.), and later it was renamed the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) for the U. Warfare and weaponry, combined with control of credit manufactured through the leveraging of industrial production, were to be the primary means of putting nations and their populations into debt.

A materialistic slave society was being created, which books like "1984" warned against. Federal Government Analyst (2008) (3) The public has been slow to comprehend that those technologies and their deadly byproduct, global nuclear pollution, are a secret and invisible global war against civilian populations.

His book, (4), is essentially a blueprint he presented in three lectures for the enslavement of free thinking humanity, and a perfect road map for global genocide.