Dealing with ex husband dating

12-Feb-2016 16:26

I felt inspired to write this article by a reader who feels trapped in her marriage… I have three beautiful kids with him and I hate to think how much this will hurt them.

“I want to leave my husband but I have no money,” says Christine on Emotional Disconnection – When You Feel Alone in Your Marriage “I have two kids, I’m pregnant with my third, and I just don’t know where to go. I can’t believe I was a fool and let him do this to me time after time.

You’ll never have enough money to leave your husband unless you start taking action.

You’ll feel scared and anxious – we all do when we’re making big life moves – but now is the time for you to learn as much as you can about money and your financial future.

Maybe this means finding ways to earn a little bit of spending money, even by babysitting, cleaning houses, or becoming a virtual assistant.

You need to inventory your skills and abilities, and find ways to optimize them.

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You may feel lonely, lost, and trapped in your marriage – and you have no idea how to leave your husband when you have no money. Read through my tips, and scroll through the readers’ comments.Some women are brainstorming tips on how to find your dream job, while others are sharing money-saving secrets for women who have little or no income.

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