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27-Oct-2016 00:26

The intention of this website is for families and the public to be able to assist the police and coroners by helping to identify who they are."The Bureau currently holds around 1,000 records of unidentified individuals with some cases dating back as far as the 1950’s.Online dating presents a great opportunity to explore the more humorous side of this ritual.Every Thursday, Online Dating Magazine presents a new dating cartoon that explores the various aspects of online dating and relationships.All Online Dating Magazine content, including the content on this page, is © copyright by Online Dating Magazine and may not be republished or reused in any form.

The site features details taken from case files, which may include images of the unidentified person, or personal items related to the case which family and friends may recognise.The majority of cases included on the site relate to unidentified bodies but it also includes some individuals who are alive, but remain unidentified, such as those suffering memory loss or those medically unable to identify themselves.