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's present moral decline, improper parenting, etc., you will want to learn how to apply the scientifically proven governing laws of mental growth, which define and characterize human life. function energy exchange process governed by five laws of growth and behavior, a continuum across its total spectrum of cells, organs, systems and societies, a mind-body-spirit biological unity modulated by time within and across generations, created by the source of all power (God) and then evolved.

The type of external stimulation living structures receive from their environment (nurture) is the type of structural changes that take place.

Teaching (external stimulation) produces growth in a students brain specific to the subject being taught.

A force or resistance, such as applied in weight training, stimulates for growth in muscles and bones.

Mac Leay has spent a half-century investigating the relationship between the structure and function of living organisms in his quest to find the scientific answer to the question, "What is Life?

" Believe it or not he has discovered the answer to this question. The mechanical principles he acquired in his training created an interest in the human motor.

increases or escalates performance in all functions and behaviors.

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Specific adaptation implies that the agent or agents of stimulation that cause disease and/or damage is the agent that prevents it.

Examples: Polioviruses cause paralytic poliomyelitis and polioviruses prevents it by producing growth in the immune system.