David deangelo interviews with dating gurus rion williams

04-Feb-2015 18:10

Nevertheless, you should read it if for no other reason than that it brings you into a world of possibility and shows you the lives of a bunch of non-famous dudes successfully bedding hot women using nothing but game technique. Sure, he’s a loopy new-ager, but he’s got some valuable things to say about inner game and the nature of women. Hemon used to have a Squirting Orgasm video guide, but I think he stopped selling it because of the breakup with the girl featured in the video.Also gives you a glimpse at the unbalanced genius that is Mystery. Learning to give your girl a squirting orgasm is an underappreciated art.(Mystery reformulated his company from “Mystery Method” to “Venusian Arts” because of a legal issue surrounding the breaking up of the original pickup companies.) I’ve only glanced through this book, but from what I saw it looks good. It’s a slim volume that you can turn to in a pinch, like just before heading out for the night.

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This is not so much a reference manual of game tactics as it is a biography of the pickup lifestyle.

Important in its own right, but not required reading if all you want are practical tools to begin seducing women.