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16-Jan-2016 11:23

But when the pressure to succeed grows greater, the Athlete could revert to become the Cheater or the Bully.The Clown or Jester – this man makes friends and finds success through humor and fun.Taken to the extreme, he could become superficial, tricky or phony. The Tastemaker – this is the aesthetically-driven man who works out, waxes, cares about fashion, etc.If you’re like most women, you have a “type” and are attracted to certain personality traits.And in some cases, that “type” may in fact be an “archetype” – a universal metaphor or image that helps naturally establish meaning, the concept of which was developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.In layman’s terms, we’re all familiar with the idea of the Average Joe, the Bad Boy or the Clown.Heck, if I had a dollar for every time someone referred to me as a “Good Girl.” There’s nothing wrong with reverting to what you’re attracted too.

A man who is too much of a warrior may become a destroyer.Following are six typical male archetypes and the shadow behaviors to look out for: 1.These archetypes can help us understand our choices and our patterns of behavior.But you also need to beware because archetypes have a shadow, or a negative extreme, that could put your relationship at risk.

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It’s great if he makes you laugh, just make sure he’s being genuine. The Rebel or Maverick – this man seeks to achieve freedom and success through defiance or nonconformity. But when concern for appearances goes too far, the Tastemaker can easily turn into the Snob.

But sometimes the Rebel pushes the boundaries too far or becomes too aggressive transforming into the Criminal or Fighter. When he starts to criticize your appearance or choices, it might be time to give the Tastemaker a taste of his own medicine and knock him down a few pegs. The Athlete/Achiever – this man looks to prove himself through amazing physical acts.

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