Datingsite without

29-May-2016 11:08

My primary goal was to make new friends, but of course was also open to something else if it was ment to happen.Some hours after registration I recieved a letter from a woman that wanted me to send her an email. She looked nice, had a nice profile and I decided to do so.I also said that she could use an internetcafe or internet at friends if she wanted more contact.She also used internet with them they said, and now her account period that was paid for was over.And they wanted me to pay half the price for her to continue talking to me. I said I didnt want to do that, beacause we didnt know eachother that well yet, and had never met in real life before.The next day I got a response, which I did find a little bit weird.

I did think a little about it, cause I really was surprised that such a girl would use a datingsite to get men.

But then again maybe she had tried other solutions before a datingsite, well that was my thoughts.

Some of them was more recent up to date, but some was older when she was younger... Then one day I got another message from the same mail account.

It claimed to be a translater company that she apperently used to communicate with me.

Hi all, I am new to this forum and humbly say hello to everyone I recently made an account on a datingsite called after searching a little about it on google.It seemed that the site was safe to use even if it was free.