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03-May-2016 00:39

Others–like Alexander Litvinenko, ex-KGB agent turned MI6 spy, and Sergei Magnitsky, an accountant turned whistle-blower–have ended up dead.

He’s in town in early February for just a couple of nights, as usual, to watch his Brooklyn Nets.

Tonight they’re playing against the equally matched Chicago Bulls.

Three years ago he put 0 million into the Nets, which moved to the spectacular new Barclays Center last fall.

But the Nets are “a passion project”–more of a hobby than a serious preoccupation.

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“I have handed off all of my active business assets to my partners to manage,” says Prokhorov, “so that 100% of my time is devoted to politics.”When billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, alpha oligarch and partner of Jay-Z, comes to New York, he typically nabs the 52nd-floor penthouse suite at the top of the Four Seasons hotel in midtown Manhattan, which goes for ,000 a night.

It has nine rooms, and when I meet Prokhorov, he’s relaxing his 6-foot-8 frame on a couch in the dining area.