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However, you don't have to wait that long to incorporate a piece of jewelry into a traditional anniversary gift .

If you want to stick to the traditional options sans jewelry, learn which materials are linked with the anniversary year and check out some of our traditional gift ideas below.

Along with the material gift list, they also have a flower anniversary list as well as a gemstone anniversary list (perfect for us jewelry lovers).

Diamonds are traditional wedding anniversary gifts in both the sixtieth and seventh-fifth years.

Year sixty probably became a part of existing traditions when Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee after sixty years on the British throne.

No one is certain just when the traditional anniversary gift list came into existence, but it probably evolved over time.

Calling years twenty-five and fifty ' Silver' and ' Gold' may have originated in medieval Europe where wives were given a silver wreath to celebrate their twenty-fifth year of marriage and a gold wreath for their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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The first wedding anniversary is symbolized with paper, and from there, traditional anniversary gifts become more precious or scarce to reflect the growing number of years a couple has remained together.

You'll notice when anniversary gifts are broken down by year, it isn't until the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary that jewelry is introduced.

You can celebrate the yearly tradition even if you want to break away from it -- make your anniversary year's theme material a carrier for your gift instead of the actual gift.

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are chosen from a list of materials that are designated for each year of a couple's married life.

There are many ways you can turn each year's anniversary theme into a special gift.It isn't so much giving your spouse a ball of cotton, but more about how you can use the material in something personal and unique to your relationship.