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Also, some of the pronouns exist in singular and plural forms and (in the case of As you may have noticed, the interrogative pronouns are all spelled with accent marks that do not affect the pronunciation.

Many of the interrogative pronouns also can be used in statements (as opposed to questions) without the accent mark.

Both Spanish and English have interrogative pronouns, interrogative adjectives and interrogative adverbs, and often the same word can fulfill more than one function depending on how it is used in a sentence.

For example, in the Spanish sentence " functions as an interrogative adjective.

Examples: The following Spanish sentences and their English translations all use interrogative words.

Note that as in the final example, they are sometimes used in statements that pose an indirect question.

Following are the interrogative pronouns in Spanish with their translations and examples of their usage.

Note that in some cases the pronouns can vary in translation when they follow a preposition.

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The same words also have noninterrogative uses, and then no such accent is used. Interrogative words are sometimes known as question words in English.

As their name suggests, interrogative pronouns are those pronouns that are used almost exclusively in questions.

As in English, interrogative pronouns are typically placed at or very near the beginning of a sentence.

Note also that many of the interrogative pronouns can be used as other parts of speech, including adjectives and adverbs, either with or without the accent marks, depending on the context.

Definition: Referring to words or word forms that are used primarily in questions.

An interrogative sentence is a type of sentence that asks a question.

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