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In England, "off of" is supposedly ungrammatical ... FWIW, I might have been inclined to buy into this answer on the earlier (non-dup) question, but all it has so far is a couple of downvotes (which may or may not be well-informed).. S., there is a subtle difference between them (but you can always use "off" and be correct), which I hope somebody can [email protected]: My use of "England" was deliberate.It is however possible to use two independent prepositions together: the mouse ran from under the settee (an elision of the mouse ran from its position under the settee).(Actually, terminology may be inconsistent, but the distinction remains.)@Edwin Ashworth OK, that extends the sense a little farther.The two-place prepositions sometimes have an intensive sense.I tell my son “Get off your butt”; when I come back twenty minutes later and he’s still watching TV, I say more sharply “Get offa your butt!{ "status": "success", "data": { "id": "fb Id", "avatar": " Id/picture", "name": "User Name", "gender": 1, "url": "https:// Id", "raw": { "name": "User Name", "id": "fb Id" } } } { "name": "User Name", "email": "email\", "gender": "female", "birthday": "03/02/1994", "first_name": "User", "last_name": "Name", "picture": { "data": { "is_silhouette": false, "url": "" } }, "id": "fb Id" } parameter to retrieve the extra data.Do you mean the difference between "off of" and "off"? Many of the supposedly ungrammatical things Americans do with language that the English complain about came from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, or parts of England not close to [email protected]: You don't exactly have a history of being mistaken in such matters, so given no-one else seems to have meaningfully addressed that potential difference, perhaps you could cogitate a bit more and try to explain it.

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The criterion is a word group that functions like an ordinary one-word preposition.For English and other British people, saying "off", would be sufficient. It is an example of, American English involving words that are superfluous. in Am E, one jumps "out of a boat" by jumping "out the porthole," and it would be incorrect in standard Am E to "jump out the boat" or climb "out of the porthole." I hate to think what you have to use with portals, lancet, skylights and fire exits.