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28-Mar-2015 04:49

Image maps can still be useful for the right application, as you can see in the example linked to above.

However, in today's mobile-first environment you should do two things to make sure your website is accessible to mobile device users: Thankfully, there is an easy-to-use j Query plugin, created by Matt Stow, which makes image maps responsive.

Image maps aren't as popular today as they once were.

In the past, they were very common, and used to create navigation menus on lots of popular websites.

There are three HTML elements used to create image maps: It's easiest to understand how all of this works by looking at an example.

Here's our image: What we're going to do is link the screen of the phone to Facebook and the Scrabble letters to the Wikipedia article on social media. However, in this example, we're going to use HTML to cause the image to display half that size: 500 by 332 pixels.

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However, from the visitor's perspective, it appears that portions of the image itself are linked to different destination.When you create an image map it's important to remember that if you change the size of the image you will also have to change the area coordinates.This is because the area coordinates are tied to the original size and scale of the image.In order to render our image in the size we've selected we'll use this code: attributed followed by the name of the map. We need to create two shapes to overlay over the image: a polygon shape over the screen of the phone, and a second polygon that approximately covers the Scrabble letters.

While they are rarely used for this purpose any longer, image maps are still a valuable way to display complex sets of links.Take for instance this clickable map of state budget information.