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30-Oct-2016 17:06

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Therapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on a problem(s) or dysfunction that the client presents.

People who seek relationship coaching are often single and frustrated due to failed attempts to create a healthy, lasting relationship. How long a commitment do I have to make once I begin a coaching relationship?

Some coaches require a specific commitment of 3-6 months.

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We would establish a basic time frame by the end of our first session together. Depending upon what program you choose, and how often we meet, my fees have a wide range.

Relationship Coaching is a specialty niche, in which the client seeks a coach who has expertise in the areas of relationship help, building and support. A coach is an individual who has the specific knowledge, experience and training to assist people in designing and achieving new goals that will bring about desired life changes. People who enter coaching are generally high functioning and stable.

They often come to coaching seeking new goals or direction in their life.

Coaching is a type of partnership in which the coach's role is to help you define and achieve the goals that will bring about the life changes you are seeking.

The coach provides support, mentoring, direction and new tools; much like an athletic trainer does.

They are generally seeking more fulfillment, balance or to achieve excellence in one or more areas.