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29-Feb-2016 03:53

You can care about someone and still not put up with their bullshit.“You can stay here, but you either need to be trying to get on Disability or at least trying to work a part-time job.” “What’s the money you’re ‘borrowing’ from me going for? If it’s medication, electrical bill, or something like that- fine.

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It is alright to have compassion for people, even manipulative assholes.

However; compassion doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be victimized either.

“Oh well, I’m Bipolar so I didn’t have control over my actions.” or “Can you loan me money?

I can’t hold a job.” And then proceed to do absolutely nothing to remedy the situation.

In this situation- an excuse to me implies that the person does not want to accept that anything may be wrong or they know something is wrong but milk it for all it’s worth.These people will typically break it out as an excuse to try and seek asylum for any number of their shitty behaviors.