Dating when to play hard to get

03-Nov-2015 12:46

The study found that the women were most attracted to the men when they did not know how they were rated (aka the uncertain condition). This theory suggests that “playing hard to get” functions to test a man’s motivation, ability to invest resources (time, money, effort, etc.), and/or a sign of his fidelity.Therefore it is reasonable to assume that “playing hard to get” is a beneficial tactic for women to use. A new study by Whitchurch , Wilson, and Gilbert (2011) on uncertainty and romantic attraction would also say affirmative.) then they are probably just not that into you (and not just “playing hard to get”). Is the principle of “playing hard to get” really a dating essential and does it really work? These studies have found that women who are physically attractive, appear healthy and youthful, and are “hard to get” correlates with them being reproductively valuable to men.Do we have to jump through the hoops of “playing hard to get” even if we like the other person? In other words, “playing hard to get” is a tactic used by women that show men that they are something to be valued and therefore are more desirable to men.

Most people have heard that “playing hard to get” is an essential part of dating.

Our friends, movies (Swingers, He’s Just Not That into You), television shows (Sex and the City, Entourage, Friends), and advice books reinforce the concept of “playing hard to get” over and over, where it seems to be a must when dating.