Dating when he doesnt call back

23-Feb-2016 15:39

You might begin wishing that you had never played the dating game to begin with, but despondency only makes for a rotten day.

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Does it drive you crazy when guys don't call you back? I thought we were getting on well, so I can't understand why I'm torturing myself."It's because he doesn't like you the way the way you want to be liked. Really serious about making an effort and fostering a connection?

At first you felt comfortable waiting it out, but now it's starting to really upset you. You're probably thinking, "Do I ring him again, or just leave him to it? Instead of worrying why one guy wasn't in to you, get out there and meet new ones who may appreciate you. You have to get through the guys who aren't interested in you to get to the ones who are (just like men are working through women who might not be a match for them).

You're sick of being treated like this by guys. You've spent It's now getting on two weeks, and he hasn't picked up the phone. Luckily, tere's the key to getting over these things quickl... Many people only go out on a few dates per year, and wonder why they're still single!

We get so upset when someone doesn't treat us the way we expect, or the way we feel they should.

This may be hard to hear, but you need to let it go.

You need to meet people every single day of the week.