Dating website for people with disabilities

03-Sep-2015 07:19

Richard Dreyfuss, Stephen Fry, Britney Spears, Adam Ant and Carrie Fisher.

Harrison Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Billy Joel, Boris Yeltsin, Buzz Aldrin, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, John Denver, Diana Princess of Wales, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Amy Tan, Billy Corgan and Winston Churchill.

The term disability can be used to apply to any number of physical or mental conditions that set us apart from each other.

While many of us like to see famous people as being some type of superhuman race, the truth is that disabilities can affect them too.

Bipolar depression is a psychological disorder that is characterized by periods of manic behavior, depressed behavior and occasional periods of mixed mania.

Depression is a psychological disorder that is characterized by periods of severe depression that have no reasonable explanation such as grief over a lost friend or family member.

This syndrome is characterized by a number of tics that come and go throughout the daily life of the individual affected.

Samuel Johnson, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Wolff (American Jazz pianist,) and Jam Eisenreich (professional baseball player.)Speech differences can include any disability that affects the method of speech.

Tics generally include a vocal tic as well as motor tics.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder that is inherited, yet to date researchers have been unable to identify its cause other than to say that it is largely inherited.

An individual affected by Tourette’s may or may not pass the syndrome on to their own children, current research suggests a 50/50 chance of passing the syndrome from parent to child.Tim Howard (goal keeper for Manchester United soccer team,) Dan Ackroyd, Howard Huges, Dr.