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09-Mar-2015 23:43

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You can share your computer desktop (handy for teachers doing demos for students), and you can also share TV shows and MPEG movies with your friends. People who are often away from home or traveling can use Willing Webcam to detect the slightest movement in their home and immediately send a notification if there is an intruder.By checking this video, you can see whats going on in your house or on your property, contact law enforcement, and provide recorded evidence to the police if necessary.This software uses a motion detection sensor to wake your web camera up at the slightest movement.The sensor can trigger an action such as sending an e-mail, MMS image message or SMS text message, saving a video or picture, uploading a file to an FTP site, sounding an alarm, or starting another software application.

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We also support the pan, tilt, and zoom features of Logitech web cameras.You can also monitor housekeepers and other household staff to make sure they are not doing anything untoward like stealing your possessions.To protect the evidence, you can upload the pictures to an FTP site or send e-mails with the attached pictures to your own e-mail address, such as Gmail. In addition to a motion sensor, the software offers a time-lapse feature to record a video at specified time intervals.This works like a DVR (digital video recorder) to create a movie frame by frame (snapping a picture every second, for example), so you can get footage all day long and then fast play the movie later.

No matter how far away your friends and family are, they can always go to your web site and see how youre doing.

Another great feature of the program is the ability to use different video sources.

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