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03-Jul-2016 17:29

They’re also committed to cooperative game-playing, and therefore regularly adapt games designed for individuals to compete against each other.For instance, they’ve developed a unique way of playing Tiddlywinks, their family favorite, along these lines, and keep score through the years with a series of graphs depicting their progress.I don’t have the same orderly mind as my in-laws do.And as much as I like people, I have the tendency to withdraw into a book, even in the midst of a crowd—rather like my own father.Not to be outdone, we ventured out too, to a church bazaar, where we found a vintage Tuco puzzle of the kind made in the 1930s, during the Depression, when jigsaw puzzles first became big in the States.Lo and behold, it depicted a bucolic scene in Tuscany which we assembled with a sense of becoming one not only with that exotic environment but with our distant son.

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Every New Year’s Eve my father-in-law begins the same 500-piece puzzle—a nighttime scene of his beloved New York’s Times Square—and works on it steadily through the countdown to midnight, aiming to put the finishing touches on it as the ball drops in the real Times Square.At the last, we discovered that the puzzle had one missing piece, not something that disturbed me, but Andrew wasn’t going to rest until the picture was complete.