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The uptown area around Fuente Osmena is much more relaxed and an popular area to stay with visitors.

Besides these areas, the city is a sprawling mix of mainly slums with some nice neighborhoods and glitzy shopping malls.

Despite this the city's infrastructure is quite developed, with numerous shopping malls, pharmacies, convenience stores, travel agencies, and fast food chains. Cebu is by no means a good looking city and there isn't much to see, but it can be a fun especially if you get to know it a bit.

The downtown area around Colon is very crowded and reminiscent of some Latin American cities.

Youth speaks English with a Cebuano accent, often interchanging i and e as well as o and u while ones from older generations can barely converse in it.

Since before the time of Magellan's visit, Sugbo had been a world trade centre and many speak English as a second language as well as or better than Tagalog.

Sometimes, they also speak in Taglish (Tagalog + English) when they cannot find the appropriate word to use.

Perhaps surprisingly for such a booming metropolitan area, it has white sand beaches (some with ice cream vendors and showers and some untouched), as well as historical sites that reflect its cosmopolitan past.

The language spoken in Cebu City is Cebuano, which is also known as Bisaya.With about 20 million native speakers, it is the mother tongue for more citizens than any other and local and regional newscasts are broadcast in Cebuano.