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26-Apr-2016 07:29

If Kody really wants to date her, then Mindy isn’t doing it just yet. It was actually a woman who was pretending to be a man and talking to Meri online.

She avoided actually talking about Kody or what is going on but instead posted a picture of a mug.

She posted the caption, “This mug was made for me I think.” The mug read, “Dang, it feels so good to be single.” Mindy wants everyone to know that she isn’t dating Kody or anyone else at this time.

She was even seen last week on the The source shared that Kody Brown is really upsetting his other wives by wanting to marry a fifth woman.

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shared that Kody Brown hopes to marry Robyn’s step-niece Mindy Jessop if she is willing to marry him.Mindy is already at Robyn’s house all the time, and she helps take care of her younger children.For now, they have the weddings of their daughters to make TLC consider renewing the show.If Kody got married again, there would be no way that they could turn it down.

She doesn’t share a lot on social media, but this one seems as though it was shared to make sure everyone knows that she isn’t with Kody Brown.

This is pretty much the way that Mindy is letting the entire world know that she is not with Kody Brown. She had an emotional relationship with someone online, but it turned out that they were catfishing her.