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During the late ’60s Country Music was in decline and ROCK AND ROLL was what every kid wanted to play after the Beatles and British Invasion swept the country.

And, hence, the Telecaster fell into disfavor and was not seen as "cool" among "hippie" rock groups.

But in 1965 Leo became ill and he started looking for a buyer — whether because he was too distracted by his illness or worried that he was about to die and wanting to take care of his family financially the fact is that he spent much of 1964 looking for a buyer. As was the fashion in the mid ’60s the TV Broadcaster wanted to DIVERSIFY.

After the purchase corporate owners made changes in Fender that led to them trying all sorts of things to improve sales and feed the corporate coffers.

Many were sold at bargain basement prices to get rid of them and we’ve heard of others that were given away for FREE to people that bought other items from the hapless guitar dealer trying to rid his shop of them.

I have no idea whom come up with this brilliant idea, but whomever did must have been pretty embarrassed when this didn’t sell. Most famously, James Burton the guitar player for Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson, and others. Many "he man" guitar players wouldn’t be caught dead with a Paisley guitar let alone a PINK Paisley guitar.

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These Teles were not only Paisley, but the wallpaper was feathered into the edges of the guitar with a pinkish-red color.Pretty soon, they were known as Pink Paisley Teles. players picked up the Paisley Telecaster and became known for playing that model.