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06-May-2015 22:59

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One of the issues that gets frequently discussed and debated in dating and relationships is the whole issue of trying to remain friends with your ex.

I’ve written about it so many times over the years and yet I continue to be baffled as to why particularly with women, we seem to have a hardcore desire to throw ourselves at the frontline of pain.

This means I get to personally give you specific instruction for your unique situation. Even better, there is no time limit attached to this support. members the option to purchase a "PACK OF 5" email responses for the special members-only rate of . Let's look at the other benefit available to premium members.. The UNFAZED email course is ONLY available to premium members. This is why I can "throw" it in with the premium membership. It's the full deal, edited to compliment your Breakup Dojo membership. Here are three things to know about the Breakup Dojo: "Just a quick to say that in a sea of get back with your ex courses it's nice to see a course that is ethical and doesn't treat their ex like a pawn in some game. If you're still not happy, I will refund you every cent you paid.

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clients who had to fight off "newcomers" who had moved in on their ex. (.your ex is already in another relationship, are you confident about what to do? But you will when you join the "Breakup Dojo" today. This email series is designed to gradually shift your old, paradigm for a brand new perspective on life. For life The fact is, the Breakup Dojo is not for everyone. Or who are just looking for excuses for why "it" won't work for them.. I am just very grateful for it — Ron in New York City Just Choose the PREMIUM option and get started. For the small price difference to REGULAR, you get a whole email course (25+ daily emails) that's a potential game changer for you.. Michael I would just love to thank you for all your expert help and advice…. As I read through the comments on Facebook over the weekend, I felt compelled to revisit the subject and I want to remind you of why it is a grave mistake to remain friends with an ex that has mistreated you.