Dating sites that allow nudity

27-Oct-2016 00:57

Several states across the nation have been legalizing various forms of pot, but Facebook – as well as Google, Twitter and other sites – is blocking those businesses from running advertising. Even if a state legalizes the drug, there are still issues with federal enforcement.Because Facebook is a global company, it has to obey national, global and regional laws, as well as anything in between.Here’s a hint: it’s almost all for violations in advertising guidelines.This is a big one, and it was the talk of the marketing world for the first couple months of the year.There are hundreds of dating sites out there, ranging from the big e Harmony and giants to the much smaller businesses.Facebook’s advertising guidelines have this to say about dating sites: The biggest iteration of this right now is the marijuana industry.

This, of course, extends to other illegal services.

Any illegal or controlled substance, and in fact just about any pharmaceutical at all, is blocked from using Facebook ads.

Pharmacy spam is one of the most common forms of spam, and Facebook doesn’t want to open the floodgates.

Likewise, businesses selling illegal services are blocked.

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It’s simply easier for Facebook to block all mentions of the drug from their ads program than it is to try to restrict those ads to geographic areas that legalizes it.

That, and there’s always the chance that the federal government could get involved and make things difficult for everyone.