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The Black Abbey is the restored Dominican church founded in 1225 by William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke.

In the restoration and rebuilding process all of the windows have been filled a marvellous array of stunning stained glass windows or painted glass windows. This one of Irelands oldest churches with its official title of "Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity".

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It wasn't until 1816, after further Catholic repression, that the church was finally open for church services. Black Abbey Kilkenny: Near the Rosary window is an alabaster sculpture of the Most Holy Trinity, to whom the Abbey is dedicated.

It represents God the Father enthroned, holding a crucifix with a figure of the Son, and on the crucifix is perched a dove representing the Holy Spirit.

Three priests were protected for a time but later driven out by English forces.

Black Abbey Kilkenny: It is the only original Dominican foundation in Ireland still in use after nearly 800 years.The tower was built in 1507 and still stands to this day!In 1543 the Dominican community was dispersed after the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII and the church turned into a courthouse.However, in 1603, the citizens of Kilkenny seized the church and returned it to the Dominicans.

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It has date of 1264 carved on it, but experts date to around AD 1400.

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