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09-Feb-2015 12:23

But the judge said Terry had made no mention of personal distress and appeared to be 'a very robust personality.' He said the secrecy claim was more likely to be about 'protection of reputation' and was 'essentially a business matter'.He has long been close friends with Bridge and until recently they were neighbours in a gated community in Surrey.He also faces the wrath of England manager Fabio Capello - the Italian has famously strict moral values.Capello will come under pressure to strip Terry of the England captaincy if his off-field behaviour is causing a rift in the team.

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Until last week, no one knew that Terry was having a secret sexual affair with Bridge's girlfriend.

According to reports, the 38-year-old has signed up for an exclusive members-only dating app that targets 'creative types', who are approved for entry by a panel only after submitting their Instagram for assessment.

And Chelsea Hander has spoken of her use of apps, saying: 'I don’t care what people think [of my profiles].

From Minka Kelly to Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson to Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Mayer's love life has long made the headlines.

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But after inspiring ex Taylor Swift's song Dear John, it seems he may be hoping to keep his future romances out of the headlines.

Even before the order was lifted, the internet was buzzing with details of Terry's infidelity.