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11-Oct-2016 01:42

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Only once we receive a valid court order from a Hong Kong court will we share any information with a 3rd party. We have no way of detecting abuse other than complaints from 3rd parties which contain a Black VPN IP address and a time stamp.

You should avoid sharing this information when creating a profile at all costs: there is no good reason to give your real name, so give a fake one.

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China and Hong Kong care little about copyright enforcement or US/UK demands – which was tested recently when Hong Kong rejected demands for the extradition of Edward Snowden.

The ancient proverb still holds true today: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

You can make sure that this is always the case by using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on for Firefox.

If you use Planet Romeo, also ensure that the box next to “secure login” is ticked when you log in, to ensure your session will use SSL.

Planetromeo has a useful guide to safe practices when using their site, under "Help and Services".

As noted above, Grindr is a smartphone application.

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